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Additive Next

4 Jun 2019 09:00 - June 5, 2019

An initiative by Sandvik and Siemens.

The Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry is growing fast, with rapid developments across the value chain. It is exploding in all directions, so staying ahead of the knowledge curve is a serious challenge. But so far, only a few companies have managed to apply AM technologies at industrial scale.

That's why Sandvik and Siemens, two leading players in the global AM industry, have joined forces to present Additive Next, the new summit for the latest news and developments in industrialized AM.

At Additive Next 2019, we'll bring together some of the most dynamic thinkers and respected experts in the industry for an essential two-day program (lunch-to-lunch) in the key trends in and challenges faced when industrializing additive manufacturing, going from R&D to serial production.

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