MIM2021 - Virtual Event

Event overview

  • When: 21 Feb 2021 23:00 - February 24, 2021
  • Where: MIM 2021 - Virtual event
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Sandvik will participate at MIM 2021 – International Conference of Metal Injection Molding of Metals, Ceramics and Carbides, on February 22-25, 2021. The virtual event takes place on February 22-25, 2021 – and there is still time to secure a seat.


MIM2021 aims to showcase the latest advancements in metal injection molding (MIM) to a global audience – this year in a timely, digital setting. With a guestlist spanning from equipment and service providers, manufacturers, and powder suppliers to consumers and academia, the event is highly representative of the innovative and competitive MIM marketplace.

With nearly two decades of materials expertise, Sandvik has a long history of supplying the metal injection molding industry with premium Osprey® powders – and proudly offers up the widest alloy range on the market. A world leading provider of gas atomized metal powders, optimized for technologies such as MIM and additive manufacturing, we even tailor materials to fit your every need. Dr. Paul Davies, Technical Solutions Manager at Sandvik Additive Manufacturing, is one of the experts working to ensure Sandvik remains at the forefront of powder technology.

“I’m very much looking forward to attend MIM 2021, where I’ll be speaking on two occasions. On Feb. 23rd I will be presenting a comparison of materials properties of 316L, by MIM and AM. Then on the last day of the event, Feb. 25th, I’ll present a review of high temperature performance gas atomized alloy powders, again for MIM and AM”, Dr. Davies says.

Following each presentation there will be a designated Q&A – providing golden opportunities to connect and explore what nearly 160 years of materials expertise could do for you. John Hilson, Business Development Professional at Sandvik Additive Manufacturing in the EMEA region, will also be joining the event – and looks forward to connecting with the MIM community:

“Interactive events such as MIM2021 provides a great opportunity for us to deliver an update on our most recent technical work – as well as for us to align with our customers’ current priorities and needs”, Hilson says.

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Paul Davies, PhD, Technical Solutions Manager, Sandvik Additive Manufacturing
Paul Davies studied physics in Swansea University, Wales, U.K., and completed a PhD in the field of Material Science. He has five years’ experience working in the steel industry in the automotive and defense sectors, and has been with Sandvik for more than 14 years. He specializes in powder metallurgy, with a particular focus on Metal Injection Molding and Additive Manufacturing.