The micro-MIM process

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Courtesy of Fraunhofer IFAMMicro-MIM is a variant of metal injection moulding which, as the name implies, is used for making extremely small parts by using very fine metal powder. This is invaluable for component miniaturization for applications such as micro electrical-mechanical systems (such as gears, motors and machines), microfluidics and medical devices.

Courtesy of Fraunhofer IFAMThe micro-MIM process is in all major aspects the same as ordinary metal injection moulding (MIM), except of course that the scale of the components produced is far smaller. Naturally, such a process requires exceptionally fine grades of powder to produce precise geometries and surface finishes.

Courtesy of Fraunhofer IFAMSandvik is the world leader in producing gas atomized powder with particle sizes down to less than 10 μm and below, with a wide range of alloys available. Tailored alloy compositions and particle size distributions are available on request.