Metal powder for plasma and thermal spray

Gas atomized metal powder specially designed for plasma and thermal spray. The Sandvik range includes metal powders for all thermal spray techniques covering material types such as:

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  • Cobalt and nickel based self fluxing alloys
  • Cobalt based hard- facing alloys
  • Cobalt and nickel based super alloys
  • Copper and copper alloys
  • MCrAlY alloys
  • Nickel-aluminium self bonding alloys
  • Tool steels and high speed steels
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Powder characteristics

Osprey® metal powder for thermal spray is characterized by a spherical morphology which confers good flow properties. Consistent control of the particle size distribution ensures uniform coating performance throughout a single batch as well as between different batches of the same alloy.

Particle size distributions

Osprey® metal powder for thermal spray is available in a wide range of particle size distributions tailored to the requirements of the specific spraying process being used. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


All Osprey® metal powder is supplied with a certificate of analysis containing information on the chemical composition and particle size distribution. Information on other powder characteristics is available upon request.


A wide range of different packaging sizes are available.

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