Metal powders for special applications

Sandvik manufactures metal powders for use in a number of special applications. Below are typical special applications where Osprey® metal powders are used:

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Co-deposition metal powders

Sandvik can provide a range of high quality fine metal powders for use in electrolytic co-deposition coatings. These coatings are widely used in a range of demanding applications in both the aerospace and automotive industries.

Electromagnetic shielding metal powder

Sandvik has a proven track record in the supply of metal powders for use in demanding electromagnetic shielding applications.

Laser cladding metal powders

Sandvik offer a wide range of metal powders for laser cladding applications, including stainless steels, tool steels, cobalt-based hard facing alloys and nickel superalloys. View our range of alloys

Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) metal powder

Sandvik has developed a high-performance ferric stainless steel powder for manufacturing porous support structures in the solid oxide fuels cells (SOFCs). This technology utilizes know-how gained during the development of Sandvik Sanergy HT pre-coated strip steel for use as interconnectors in SOFCs.

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