Maraging steel metal powder

The standard range of Osprey® metal powder includes maraging steel metal powder to be used, for example, for the production of mould tooling by additive manufacturing and in metal injection moulding (MIM).

Other maraging steels are also available. Contact us to discuss our full range of metal powder alloys.

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Selected maraging steels incl. chemical composition (nominal), %

Alloy Hardness (heat treated condition), HRC Fe C Mn Si Cr Ni Mo Co Ti Al
18Ni300 52 Bal. 0.03* 0.1* 0.1* 0.3* 18.0 4.8 9.0 0.7 0.1
1.2709 54 Bal. 0.03* 0.1* 0.1* - 18.0 5.2 9.5 0.9 -

*Maximum value

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