Optimizing productivity and increasing strength - while minimizing weight and wear. Browse a collection of stories below to explore the power of Osprey® metal powder.

The world’s first 3D printed smash-proof guitar

When deciding on the ideal material for the world's first 3D printed, smash-proof guitar - and choosing from an offering of more than 400 alloys - why go for titanium? Read the full story about the additive masterpiece to learn more.


The offshore impeller reinvented

What benefits can come from 3D printing one of the offshore industrys' most fundamental components in Osprey® 2507-AM? Combining the mechanical properties of super-duplex steel with the design freedom of additive manufacturing resulted in the impeller - reinvented.


Lightweight CoroMill® 390 – 3D printed in titanium

They say you can't argue with facts. Well, how does an application with 80% lower weight and up to 200% increased productivity sound? Find out how 3D-printing and titanium became game-changers for lightweight CoroMill® 390.


3D printed titanium motor node a game-changer in e-bikes

When GSD Global turned to Sandvik’s experts in metal powder and additive manufacturing to investigate the possibility of 3D printing their motor nodes in titanium, they were thrilled to find that they could reduce their costs with up to 75% – and enable substantial quality and sustainability improvements as well.


Drilling a curved hole is hard – printing it isn’t

The Seco Tools coolant clamp is 3D printed in Osprey® 18Ni300 maraging steel, and attaches to the cutting edge of industrial turning heads. Coolant flows through the clamp, cooling the cutting edge and controlling the waste chips produced - thereby optimizing productivity.


Greater functionality – smarter assembly

Focusing on the complete supply chain is a key aspect when working with the Sandvik team. For LKAB Wassara this resulted in reduced assembly, more cost-efficient production and better reliability for their sliding cases - additively manufactured in Osprey® maraging steel.