EP2: Super duplex in additive manufacturing – a gamechanger offshore

Additive By Sandvik: Material Matters is a series of interactive webinars where your participation is as important as ours. Available live and on-demand, the series highlights selected topics from across the additive value chain, and invites you to meet with our leading experts, interact with industry frontrunners, and access Sandvik’s 159 years of leading material expertise and additive manufacturing know-how.

EP2: Super duplex in 3D printing – a gamechanger offshore

Set your sails for an opportunity to zoom in on the groundbreaking potential of combining super duplex stainless steel – the seawater corrosion super hero – and additive manufacturing. Featuring Sandvik’s leading experts in metal powders and additive manufacturing, this webinar offers a deep-dive in the optimized performance of 3D printed super duplex, a metallurgical break down of Sandvik’s flagship material Osprey® 2507, and insights from industry frontrunners, AM service providers, and end-users alike.

Operating in some of the most unforgiving environments takes guts, profound know-how, and materials you can trust. Sandvik is the first company to offer additively manufactured super duplex components – at a standard that doesn’t just meet, but outperform that of several conventionally manufactured counterparts. When 159 years of materials expertise meets cutting-edge technology, major innovations happen. Imagine minimal down time, reduced waste and environmental impact, and no capital tied up in parts.
Super duplex just got even more super!

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Title: Super duplex in 3D printing – a gamechanger offshore

Date: May 18th, 2021

Time: 15:00 CET / 13.00 GMT / 9 AM EST

Duration: 60 minutes


  • Super duplex in additive manufacturing – and the enhanced corrosion properties and impact strength of 3D printed components compared to conventionally manufactured equivalents.
  • Printing and heat treatment considerations to obtain the optimal ferrite/austenite structure, and the value of a fully integrated production chain.
  • The Osprey® 2507 super duplex metal powder, atomized in-house at Sandvik and tailored for additive manufacturing, including powder characteristics and distribution sizes.
  • The benefits and potential impact of implementing additive manufacturing in the offshore and marine segments, along with insights from offshore end-users and industry leading AM service providers.


Johan Wallin

Product Manager, Sandvik Additive Manufacturing

Nikhil Dixit

R&D Engineer, Sandvik Additive Manufacturing

Pasi Kangas

VP Technology, Sandvik Additive Manufacturing

Martina Riccio

R&D Manager, BEAMIT Group

Fahmi Al-Shawwa

CEO, Immensa Additive Manufacturing

Gisle Rørvik

Advisor Materials Technology, Equinor

Super duplex just got even more super

Meeting nature’s challenges takes guts, deep know-how, and materials you can trust. We offer additively manufactured components in super duplex stainless steel – optimized performance for the most demanding, marine environments. Osprey® 2507 is a strong, corrosion resistant super duplex metal powder – tailored for 3D printing.

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