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Sandvik launches Osprey® C18150 – tailored for excellent conductivity and strength at high temperatures

Sandvik launches Osprey® C18150 (CuCrZr), a copper-based metal powder tailored for applications requiring excellent mechanical strength at high temperatures, while maintaining high electrical and thermal conductivity. This makes Osprey® C18150 suitable for electrical, electronic, and thermal transfer components for a variety of industries, such as aerospace, automotive and space.

Osprey® C18150 is a copper-based alloy that contains small amounts of chromium and zirconium to balance copper’s high conductivity and heat dissipation capabilities, with high strength levels. Thanks to the precipitation of Cr- and Zr-rich particles upon aging, this balance persists even at elevated temperatures. The alloy has been developed as fine powder for Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and Binder Jetting (BJ) using Osprey® High Yield Technology, but also as coarser powder for Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF) and Direct Energy Deposition (DED). Dr. Eleonora Bettini, Customer Application Specialist for metal powder at Sandvik, says:

“Our metal powder portfolio continues to grow, and we are very excited about our latest addition, Osprey® C18150. With our wide range of Osprey® C18150 powders, with customized properties and particle size distributions, manufacturers from a variety of industries can enjoy the many benefits that this material has to offer.”

Up until now, the powder has been tested and qualified with several customers in different industries and for different applications. One appreciated advantage has been the consistency from batch to batch, especially for manufacturers working with valuable, high-quality applications, where predictability is truly critical.

Osprey® C18150 is available for additive manufacturing via our webshop Osprey® Online (Europe) and KBM Advanced Materials (US), but is also available in other fractions and for other manufacturing technologies via our sales representatives.

Read more about Osprey® C18150 copper powder:

For further information, contact Joakim Karlström, Marketing and Communication Manager, Powder Solutions, Sandvik, phone: +46 (0) 26 26 31 54, email: joakim.karlstrom@sandvik.com

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