Metal powder

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We offer the widest range of gas atomized metal powders, in particle sizes between 0-250 μm – or whatever customized size your process requires. Our extensive capabilities range from supplying small batches of metal powder for prototype development to high volume batches for large scale production.

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The perfect match for your manufacturing process

Osprey® metal powders from Sandvik are used in highly advanced processes such as metal-injection moulding (MIM) and additive manufacturing (AM). Selecting the right metal powder for your process is a vital consideration, as the quality and properties of the powder strongly influences the properties of the end-component.

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Additive by Sandvik

We are the pioneers that introduced metal powders for additive manufacturing (AM) to the market. Our material program for AM is the widest one around, and paired with our leading capabilities across the entire AM-value chain, from metal powder to finished component, we have the capacity to accelerate the industrialization of AM. Let's get to work – together.

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