Metal powder alloys

The range of Osprey® gas atomized metal powder is the widest in the world - with a product database containing well over 2,000 different alloy variations. We typically have over 400 different metal powder alloys in stock at any one time, and even have the capacity to customize powders to fit your every need.

Our nitrogen and argon atomizing facilities allow us to cover an extensive range of different alloys including:

Powder characteristics

Osprey® metal powders are of premium quality, fine-tuned by half a century of metal powder manufacturing expertise.

  • Reliable consistency
  • High traceability
  • Spherical morphology – enabling high packing density
  • Excellent flowability - reducing tool wear
  • Low oxygen content - facilitating faster sintering

Certificates and approvals

We hold approvals to, for example, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, AS9100 Revision D and ISO 13485.

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Powder designed for many areas

Our metal powder is used in processes such as metal-injection moulding (MIM) and additive manufacturing.

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