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Business concept

Powder technology is a recognized green technology and our operations are based on unique expertise in materials technology, extensive knowledge about industrial processes, and close customer cooperation. Our wide range of Osprey® metal powders are sure to fit your every need.

We are the number one developer and manufacturer of gas-atomized, fine metal powder for a wide range of advanced production technologies, such as Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) and Additive Manufacturing (AM). With 160 years of leading metallurgical expertise, few understand materials like we do. We offer the widest range of metal powders on the market – and even customize materials to our customers' every need.

We have been atomizing fine metal powders for more than 45 years, and our extensive in-house manufacturing facilities give us full control of the entire production process – ensuring premium quality, consistency, and traceability. We can manufacture particle sizes between 0-250 μm, or whatever size your process requires. Our extensive capabilities range from supplying small batches of metal powder for prototype development, to high volume batches for large scale production.

Your go-to partner in all things metal powder

We have a longstanding tradition of delivering advanced materials to some of the most demanding industries – such as aerospace, medical, nuclear, chemical, automotive, and oil & gas. In other words we're no strangers to delivering in accordance with meticulous demands on quality and consistency.

Having recently expanded our offering even further by adding gas-atomized titanium powder, nickel-based superalloys and aluminum, we now have a complete offering covering all material families for MIM and AM. Whatever your challenge, the right partner is everything – and we are here to see you through.