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Powder innovation

Sandvik sits proudly on nearly two centuries of material expertise and 45 years' experience from developing gas atomizing technology. Carrying and continuously improving on this knowledge are hundreds of researchers and metallurgists worldwide – meaning at Sandvik, innovation never stops.

Always working in close collaboration with our customers, our people and our heritage make us uniquely positioned to push the boundaries of powder metal technology forward. With unique, proprietary fine powder technology retained in-house, supported by an extensive database covering the atomizing characteristics of over 2000 different alloys, we have the capacity to develop metal powders to basically any customer specification.

At Sandvik, you'll also find Northern Europe's largest R&D center, with the most sophisticated testing equipment for advanced stainless steels and special alloys – and our flexible manufacturing facilities allow us to tailor batches from as little as 20 kilos (or sometimes even less) up to several tons. Keeping all relevant print technologies for additive manufacturing in-house means we can test and develop metal powders tailored for each process.

Making sure to harvest from the technology masterminds of tomorrow we work closely with several universities across the globe, and also partake in a number of research programs. There are many factors involved in making us ideally positioned to support the complete product life cycle – from prototyping through to series production. We have been providing advanced materials for the most demanding industries for more than 150 years, and we are not about to quit. Because at Sandvik, innovation is neither short-term nor occasional.

It is who we are.