Powder for micro-metal injection moulding (micro-MIM)

Gas atomized metal powder specially designed for micro-metal injection moulding (micro-MIM), available in a range of alloys. The program of Sandvik Osprey® micro-MIM powder includes, for example:

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  • Cobalt alloys
  • Master alloys (316L MA and 17-4PH MA)
  • Nickel alloys
  • Stainless steels (316L and 17-4PH)
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Master alloys

Master alloy powders are designed to be blended with carbonyl iron powder such that the chemical composition of the final sintered components matches that of the pre-alloy equivalent.

The master alloy approach has a number of benefits; low distortion in both the green and sintered state, shorter sintering times, high sintered density and mechanical properties equivalent to wrought materials

Powder characteristics

Osprey® micro-MIM powder has a spherical morphology, resulting in high packing density. This enables the manufacture of feedstocks with high powder loading, which not only minimizes binder costs but also reduces part shrinkage during debinding and sintering. Spherical powder also has excellent flow characteristics, resulting in reduced tool wear and consistent mould filling.

Osprey® micro-MIM powders' low oxygen content allows better control of carbon and consistency during sintering. Low oxygen, together with high packing density, also facilitates faster sintering

Particle size distributions

Osprey® metal powder for micro-metal injection moulding (micro-MIM) has the following typical particle size distributions:

Typical particle size distribution (μm)*
D10 (%) D50 (%) D90 (%)
90% – 10 μm 3.0 5.7 9.8
80% – 5 μm 1.9 3.4 6.0

* Particle size measurements performed using a Malvern laser particle size analyzer.


All Osprey® metal powders are supplied with a certificate of analysis containing information on the chemical composition and particle size distribution. Information on other powder characteristics is available upon request.


A wide range of different packaging sizes are available.

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Micro-MIM, a variant of metal injection moulding, is used for making extremely small parts by using very fine metal powder.